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Thank You, Internet

Thank you, internet. Thank you for giving us the freedom to search for anything we want for any reason. It allows us to keep us curious and wanting to find answers. It keeps learning cyclical.

Thank you for allowing us to absorb different kinds of media, whether it’s the “Netflix and chill” bullshit, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, etc. Helps us with our lazy days and talk about boobs, dicks, and butt (ok maybe just HBO GO).

Thank you for connecting us with others around the world. Whether it’s family, friends, a stranger, or a koala with chlamydia, we are intertwined through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, game chat, WhatsApp, and so on and so forth.

Thank you for giving us to share our lives with others via social media as if people actually legitimately care. The impression that one can be internet famous at a moments notice for doing something out of the ordinary, like eating a Tide pod. Thank you for making us think that we are obligated to share something via social media almost …

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